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Energy presentation

Friday 21 February 2014, by quattrolibri

 This presentation about "Energy, consuming less, consuming better" was given at the Chamber of Agriculture in Parthenay (Deux-Sèvres, 79, France). 


The talk starts with a summary of key physical elements: orders of magnitude, principles of efficiency and well to wheel approaches. It widens the scope to include food production in energy strategies at territorial levels. Territories must balance the use of their soils depending on their energy output: windmills, fracking or solar power (or any other source of energy production) is a starter. However, the scope must also set an arbitrage with food production activities, which are also energy sources (measured in Calories, therefore in energy units). The presentation then builds a systemic view, which helps make the link between food production, energy and territories and opens up possible solution paths. See the slides of the talk here:

See online : Energy talk in Parthenay


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